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📉 Urgent Alert: The JSE Crisis 📉

🇿🇦 South Africa, we need to talk. 

Mpho Dagada, President of Arise South Africa, is sounding the alarm on the crisis at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. From a thriving hub with 811 companies to a concerning count of less than 300 - this is where we stand today.

🚨 Key Issues at Stake:

1. Investment Decline: Our market is shrinking.

2. Government Corruption: A major roadblock to progress.

3. Economic Struggles: It affects us all.

🔥 Dagada isn’t just highlighting problems; he's calling for a revolution in governance and politics. It's time to revitalise our economy and bring back business confidence to the JSE.

💡 Let's envision a South Africa where businesses flourish and our stock exchange regains its former glory. 

👀 Watch Mpho Dagada's full message here  [ ] and let's ignite a conversation for change.

🗣️ Share, comment, and let's unite for a better, more prosperous South Africa!

✍️ Drop your thoughts below and let's brainstorm solutions together! ✍️

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