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Two children died and two fell ill after eating biscuits bought from a spaza shop in Soweto.

Police have opened an inquest docket after two children died under mysterious circumstances in Naledi, Soweto.Neo Khang and Katlego Mbatha were among four children who ate biscuits and juice they bought using money given to them by a relative from a spaza shop.

Neo Khang aged four and Leon Jele, aged six, died after consuming the goods, while Mbatha and Olwethu Zikhali were taken to hospital. One of them was in a critical condition.

The incident, which happened in the Naledi section of the township, has left the community reeling.

The neighbour and pastor’s wife Nikini Moropa told of the devastation of trying to save Neo’s life after they were alerted to the family’s plight on Sunday night. “He was pink in the face with his tongue sticking out. He had changed beyond recognition. The stuff coming out of his mouth and nose was also pink but I can’t be sure what it was. We’ll have to wait for the postmortem,” she said.

More and more children will continue to die as South Africa is open to all who want to do anything. Everything sold at spaza shops is fake and the ANC government is allowing Pakistan’s and Somalians to feed citizens poison.

This is a repeat of the Enyobeni tavern where 21 teens died due to fake alcohol poisoning and the government lied about the toxicology report. What happened to city healthy inspectors visiting stores? These days the shop owners live inside the shops, rats and roaches are at infestation levels. The government needs to monitor the quality of food sold at spaza shops.

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