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The Erosion of Justice

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

As a concerned citizen of South Africa, I find myself deeply troubled by recent events in our nation's capital. The removal of Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane by the National Assembly has sent shockwaves through our democracy, leaving a sour taste of injustice in our mouths.

This egregious act occurred in the shadow of Ms. Mkhwebane's suspension, a move that seemed all too conveniently timed. Just a day after she bravely announced her intention to investigate President Ramaphosa's involvement in the Phalaphala incident, she found herself suspended from her vital role as the guardian of public interests. The suspicion surrounding this sequence of events is palpable, and it raises troubling questions about the abuse of power within our government.

The removal of the Public Protector, who was diligently carrying out her duties to protect the interests of the people, is nothing short of a direct assault on our democracy and the rule of law. One of our leaders, Mr. Shandukani, voiced his discontent, saying "I'm deeply disappointed and honestly quite angry that our government allowed this to happen." He then wished the public protector well, adding, "why not let her continue with the investigation?"

We stand against this unjust and politically motivated removal. In times like these, it is crucial to recognize and applaud those who stand firmly on the side of justice and democracy. I extend our appreciation to Dr. Nkosazana Damini-Zuma and the 42 members of parliament who voted against Ms. Mkhwebane's removal. Their unwavering dedication to upholding justice and defending our democracy is commendable and sends a clear message that the values we hold dear are not easily swayed.

In light of these disheartening events, Arise South Africa calls on all citizens to remain vigilant and united in our pursuit of a just and accountable government that serves the people, not personal agendas. Our democracy is only as strong as our collective will to safeguard it, and together, we can ensure that justice prevails and that those who abuse their power are held accountable.

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