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Thank you Springboks for the great distraction

On the 28th of October 2023, the South African rugby team won the Rugby World Cup. This was a well-deserved and hard work for win. It increased patriotic unity within the country and in other South Africans living abroad. Our government managed to keep the lights on for the entire seven weeks of the rugby tournament. We lived so peacefully, almost forgetting our regular loadshedding schedules and horrors. Many South Africans were filled with national pride throughout those seven weeks, and when the Springboks won, it filled us with great national pride. This was a moment for us to show the world what real sportsmanship is, after winning the Rugby World Cup in 2019, the pressure was heavy for our team. Our athletic team not only outperformed but they fueled us up with great national pride, to the point where the South African President declared the 15th of December a public holiday as a way of commemorating the Springboks win.

However, not even 24 hours after this win, loadshedding came back in full force. Shocking many South Africans who were used to living in luxury with electricity during those seven weeks. With the lights back to being regularly out, how can people function and operate under these conditions? The matriculants have started with their final exams and the constant loadshedding is disruptive. Our government’s ability to prioritise sports over our youth’s education is not only alarming but is disheartening too. The Springboks provided us with a great distraction and helped us forget our many woes.

Now that we are back at our normal schedules of loadshedding, one does wonder why our country is collapsing and has been so normalised. Why hasn’t our government done anything about this? We need young people who have experience and are against the looting of resources in our country. Arise South Africa, has the potential not only to lead young people in our country but we can mobilise and fix our nation. Simply pausing loadshedding for a tournament should not even be a reality, this should not be normal and we as a nation deserve better. We will have better once Arise South Africa is in government.

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