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SA lost R1.5 trillion to corruption in five years and continues to bleed: Would paying whistleblower

South Africa lost R1.5 trillion through corruption in just five years. This is not to mention that some of our elected leaders continue to steal from the poor, hungry, sick and dying.

The judicial inquiry into state capture chaired by Chief Justice Raymond Zondo, involved no less than 300 witnesses, and is estimated to have cost taxpayers about R1 billion. There were 3,171 summonses issued and 8,655,530 pages of documents used. In the end, 1,438 people were implicated. Now South Africans are left with more questions than answers on whether the commission was worth it at all and if those implicated will see their day in court.

Whistleblowing is an important tool in fighting corruption. In South Africa, the commission of inquiry into state capture recommended that the government should provide protection and financial rewards for whistleblowers who report corruption.

Gauteng Premier Panyaza Lesufi has admitted that whistle-blower Babita Deokaran was murdered for exposing R1 billion worth of irregular tenders issued at the Tembisa Hospital. Deokaran – former chief director: financial accounting at the Gauteng Health Department – may have been killed for exposing how four prominent business families, including top ANC politician Sello Sekhokho, irregularly obtained massive tenders from the hospital.

Offering monetary incentives provides an extra motivation for individuals to take the risk of reporting misconduct, which can ultimately lead to preventing further harm or illegal activities.

Globally, only about 22 countries use money incentives for whistleblowing. Countries like Canada, Ghana, Hungary, Republic of Korea, Montenegro, Nigeria, Slovakia, the UK and the US.

Ultimately, the effectiveness of paying whistleblowers may vary depending on the context, legal framework, and the specific circumstances involved. It is an approach that requires careful consideration, weighing the potential benefits and drawbacks in each situation.

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