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Revamping State Enterprises: Mpho Dagada's Urgent Plea

In a powerful discourse [ ], Mpho Dagada addresses the critical state of South Africa's state-owned enterprises (SOEs) under the ANC government. He pinpoints the reckless spending of over 300 billion in bailouts, illuminating the mismanagement and corruption plaguing these entities. These SOEs, including Transnet, Eskom, and South African Airways, are fundamental to the nation's functionality and development, yet they have become hotbeds for corruption and financial drainage.

Dagada articulates the dangers of this trajectory - a weakening state vulnerable to external exploitation and internal decay. He critiques the sale of national assets like South African Airways for minimal returns, resulting in a transfer of wealth from public to private hands, further eroding the nation's strength.

The core of Dagada's message is a call for a radical shift from this destructive pattern. He argues for a merit-based, technologically driven approach to managing SOEs. Drawing inspiration from successful models like Singapore, he emphasises that well-managed SOEs can significantly contribute to national growth. He advocates for proper financial management and qualified leadership, free from the shackles of political patronage and nepotism, as highlighted in the Zondo Commission.

Moreover, Dagada stresses the need for accountability and performance-driven management in these enterprises. This approach, coupled with the integration of technologies like blockchain, AI, and machine learning, can usher in a new era of efficiency and transparency.

As he looks towards the 2024 elections, Dagada calls for unity and active participation from all South Africans. He envisions a nation where technology and good governance converge to create a robust, prosperous South Africa, free from poverty and driven by capable, transparent leadership.

In conclusion, Mpho Dagada's message is clear: South Africa stands at a crossroads, and the path to empowerment lies in the revitalisation of its state-owned enterprises. It's a call to action for every South African to contribute to this transformation, ensuring a brighter future for the nation.

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