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project 15000: AriseSA Youth day door to door campaign

Arise SA, a youth-led political movement, is gearing up for an upcoming door-to-door campaign on Youth Day, which falls on June 16, 2023. The campaign aims to commemorate and honor the brave youth who fought against the apartheid system in 1976.

The campaign will involve Arise SA members taking to the streets and engaging with people. They will be sharing pamphlets and encouraging the youth to participate in the politics of the country.

The lessons we can learn from the youth of 1976 are the courage and bravery they had in fighting for political change. Arise SA hopes to instill these values in the youth of today and encourage them to take an active role in shaping the future of the country.

The door-to-door campaign is an opportunity for Arise SA to get more people talking about the movement and spreading awareness about their goals. It is also a chance for the youth to come together and celebrate their power to effect change.

As we approach Youth Day 2023, let us honor the memory of the youth of 1976 by continuing their legacy of courage and bravery in the fight for a better future.

who fought for change. Let us honor their memory by taking action and getting involved in creating a better future for ourselves and our communities

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