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Europe's New Strategy: The Hidden Agenda Behind Recolonizing Africa

The economic challenges faced by certain European countries, especially in the aftermath of the global financial crisis of 2008, led to discussions about sovereign debt crises, austerity measures, and efforts to address economic imbalances within the Eurozone.

It is important to note that several European countries, particularly those in the European Union (EU), have faced economic difficulties in the past, including issues related to public debt, budget deficits, and economic growth.

Our Political party’s President Dagada explains clearly and extensively how Europe has been trying to find various ways to continue to keep colonising Africa through Climate change tactics. Every bit of wealth came from Africa and they are now finding ways to colonise the continent again by importing from European countries. If Africa does not wake up, and African presidents stop taking loans and investing in European countries, we will run ourselves further into debt and continue the vicious cycle of colonialism.

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Very true indeed , we need African leaders with a clear vision to put Africa first, i dream of a united Africa, however all African countries need to fix their homes first in order for us to unite on a common ground with a common goal to make Africa prosper

Me gusta
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