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ESKOM HEIST: Uncovering ANC's

In a recent episode of the Penuel Show, Mpho Dagada, President of Arise South Africa, brought to light an issue of national importance that has been largely overlooked: the urgent need for nuclear energy in South Africa and the concerning allegations of Eskom's funds being looted by the ANC.

Dagada passionately explains the monopoly of electricity and its implications for South Africa. He highlights how owning electricity puts one in an unchallengeable position, with the power to set prices without scrutiny. This, he argues, is a gateway to deep-rooted corruption.

But Dagada's revelations don't stop there. He uncovers a larger, more complex scenario where South Africa, urged by international influences, is being pushed towards renewable energy sources like solar and wind, while the developed world continues to rely on coal. He calls this disparity a "climate cult," suggesting a double standard in global environmental policies.

The crux of Dagada's argument lies in the alleged manipulation by the ANC. He describes how South African leaders, lacking in capital, have been lured by foreign loans and grants, ostensibly for building independent power stations. These financial maneuvers, Dagada asserts, have been exploited by the ANC to establish control over electricity, leading to the looting of Eskom.

The conversation takes a darker turn as he delves into the role of Chancellor House in receiving tenders for building power stations and the involvement of foreign companies. Dagada questions the rationale behind allowing inexperienced politicians to venture into complex sectors like electricity.

Moreover, he touches on the broader social and political ramifications of these actions. The funds allegedly looted from Eskom are, in his view, used to finance political activities and create a facade of widespread support, all while the general population suffers from inadequate electricity supply.

Dagada’s talk is a clarion call for accountability and a reevaluation of South Africa's energy policies. He stresses the importance of telling the truth to the younger generation and urges for serious commitment to service delivery from those in power.

This snippet of the Penuel Show with Mpho Dagada is an eye-opener and a must-watch for anyone interested in the intersections of politics, energy, and finance in South Africa. It challenges viewers to think critically about the narratives we are sold and the future of energy in the country.

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