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In this video, Mpho Dagada addresses a recurring question about his political affiliations. He clarifies why he chooses not to align with Julius Malema and the EFF. Dagada presents himself as a contender for the presidency, emphasising the crucial importance of education and empowerment in nurturing proactive citizenship for guiding the country towards a better future.

He critiques the leadership style that instills fear and demands unchallenged reverence, pointing to Julius Malema's alleged history of intimidation and corruption in Limpopo and his involvement in the VBS bank scandal. Dagada is making a strong case for leadership that is transparent, approachable, and truly serves the people's interests.

As he speaks, Dagada urges South African youth to engage critically with the histories of their leaders, to seek truth, and to support governance that is rooted in integrity and service. He envisions a future where leaders are open to criticism, embody understanding, and are dedicated to loving and serving the nation with humility and respect.

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