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Dear Youngin'

Voting is of immerse importance in South Africa as it is in any democratic society. The act of voting enables us to participate in the governance of this country and the Democracy that we currently relish is accredited to the youth of 1976.

For us to uphold our Democracy, we must be active citizens of this beautiful country. Voting is an essential pillar of this system and by casting our votes, we as citizens have a say in the selection of our government and representatives, ensuring that power remains with the people. For the past 27 years we as young South Africans have let a certain number of people to make decisions for us and choose our representatives. So the big question is, Will we be letting the same people make that decision for us in these coming 2024 elections?

There are 14 Million unregistered young South Africans who with the power invested in them by the IEC, should they register, could unseat this current filthy government. The time has arrived for a representative of the people, particularly the youth of South Africa whose reason for not voting is lack of representation. The youth seeks competent and accountable leaders who will shape policies, legislation and decision-making process that affect their lives.

2024 offers an opportunity to ensure that diverse voices are heard and represented and the only way this can be done is by registering to do the big V.O.T.E , vote.

South Africa will be shaped by forward thinkers, The growth and prosperity of the nation depends on your decision to register to vote and choosing the right representative for you in 2024. Don’t sleep on your self youngin’ . You really do posses the power to change the situation.

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