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Arise South Africa ready to make a lasting change in the community of Tembisa.

Arise South Africa is a new political party that has been formed to bring change, progress, and development to the country. The political party leaders Mpho Dagada, Sandile Shezi, Moses Chuene and others recently went to visit the community of Tembisa to listen to their concerns, experiences, and struggles. They discovered that the community is facing a serious lack of basic necessities, such as water and electricity, after being lied to since 1997, and their roads are not in good condition. This article will explore their visit to Tembisa and how Arise South Africa aims to help this community.

Tembisa, a township located in the city of Ekurhuleni in Gauteng Province, is home to over 463,000 people. It is one of the largest townships in South Africa and is known for its high population density and high levels of poverty. During their visit, the Arise South Africa leaders met with community members, listened to their concerns, and shared their vision for change.

The lack of water and electricity was at the top of their list of problems. The community has been struggling for years to access these basic needs, and the Arise South Africa leaders pledged to work on a solution for this problem. Another issue that the community is facing is a lack of proper infrastructure and transportation. The roads are not well kept, which makes it difficult for people to travel from one place to another. This makes it hard for employers to hire people within the community and also hinders the movement of emergency services. Arise South Africa is planning to bring in better infrastructure and support for the development of the community so that people can enjoy better living standards.

The community also shared their frustrations with the local government and election season. They felt powerless as to what they can do to bring change to their situation. This is where Arise South Africa comes in. They talked to the community members about how their votes are their power to bring about change. They assured them that they will have a voice and will provide representative leadership. They will stand for the people and the people's interests.

As a new political party, Arise South Africa's main goal is to serve the people and bring change to the country. To accomplish this, they depend on engaging with the community and finding out what its needs are. They believe that change is possible, but it requires a collective effort. It requires the involvement of all people, including the marginalised. They are not only looking to help the community of Tembisa but also other communities throughout South Africa.

The visit of Arise South Africa's leaders to Tembisa demonstrated dedication to serve and bring change, not only to this community but to all of South Africa. They listened to the community members, learned of their struggles, and pledged to help them in the best possible way. They showed that there is hope and a way to bring about the change that people desperately need. The people's power lies in their votes, and Arise South Africa is determined to represent the interests of all communities and work towards a better future for all.

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