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ANC is the reason why we have load-shedding in S.A ( The truth behind chancellor house tender)

The ANC is the reason why we have load shedding. They gave themself a tender to build power stations this tender was worth about 38 billion.

They used a sophisticated look, using the international company known as Itachi

they set up a company and then merged with that company Chancellor House and Hitachi to

then give themselves a tender from Eskom to build more power stations.

Why is a political party trying to build power stations? politicians are not engineers they don't have the expertise.

What happens there afterward once this tender is given everything about this tender goes

wrong there's welding that needs to be done in these power stations, timelines on this are wrong and the prices are inflated.

Everything goes wrong with this ANC chancellor house tender that they gave them

themselves, it goes wrong fast.

Today we all have load-shedding there are not enough power stations that

are who worked on these power stations at the company Chancellor House.

The former public protector of South Africa investigated and said that

the tender was awarded irregularly and it was a corruption tender.

The ANC will not stop unless the people stand up and come together

and show them that this is no way to treat South Africans every day we

suffer load shedding.

Young people are unemployed, more people are dying in hospitals

because of load shedding, we have robots that are dysfunctional.

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