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ANC Incompetence Uncovered!

In this video Mpho Dagada takes us through a journey into the heart of the ANC-led government, laying bare the startling levels of incompetence that were unearthed by the Zondo Commission. This insightful piece presents a critical analysis of the challenges and systemic issues plaguing the current administration.

The Zondo Commission investigations revealed a disturbing pattern of inadequacy and unpreparedness among individuals in key governmental roles. These findings are not just alarming but paint a picture of a government struggling with internal inefficiencies.

Central to this controversy is the ANC Cadre Deployment Committee, formerly chaired by Cyril Ramaphosa. The missing records and minutes from this committee's meetings have ignited a debate over the transparency and accountability of the government's deployment and decision-making processes. The absence of these critical documents poses serious questions about the governance practices within the ANC-led administration.

Mpho Dagada, with his incisive commentary and analytical prowess, delves into these issues, providing viewers with a nuanced understanding of the implications of these findings. His analysis brings to light the broader consequences of these administrative lapses on governance and public trust.

We encourage our readers to engage with this pressing issue and join the conversation about governmental accountability and transparency. Mpho Dagada's video is not just informative but a call to action for awareness and change in the political landscape.

Join us in this important discussion and stay informed about the latest developments in South African politics. Your voice matters in shaping a transparent, accountable, and competent government.

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